2015.06.27 (posted: 2015.06.08)

Don't Trust Humans and #TAMB Productions Presents: TONIGHT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT

DTH | Anklepants (live)
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Lokua - Val's Groove [SART1010], out now

Latest release from Chicago's own Smooth Agent

Smooth Agent records tracks is proud to present "Val's Groove" by Lokua aka Joshua Kleckner. Lokua is a Chicago resident with a sound that is Chicago with bits of influences from around the world. As a true electronic musician all sounds and instruments are handcrafted, tweaked, & programmed from scratch as well. "Val's groove" is house but could also be considered deep house, minnimal, or etc.. What this track delivers is a varied, sonic filled landscape that evolves and changes. Lokua's style is a process that may seem complicated, but he never loses the energy for the dancefloor, he enhances it! The second offering from Lokua is "Swing Set". The vibe here is aimed strictly for the dancefloor. This is a peak hour energy track that will get the dancers moving, jumpin & jackin. Make room cause it's going down!

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2013.11.08 (posted: 2013.09.27)

Don't Trust Humans 3 year anniversary

DTH 3yr Anniversary
Flyers by Mr. & Mrs. Kleckner


Oktave Presents: Luke Slater, Jeff Derringer, Lokua at Smartbar

Oktave Presents: Luke Slater, Jeff Derringer, Lokua at Smartbar Chicago

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Resident Advisor


New M4L Devices: L.Step & L.Gate

L.Step (screenshot)

Some bad-ass sequencing devices optimized for live performance.

*2013.08.03 - The device has been updated, please download the latest version.

L.Gate (screenshot)


L.MusiCalc - Windows 7 Application

L.Step (screenshot)

Look Ma! My first standalone application! Pretty much the same functionality as my online javascript calculator for microdelays, A calculator that converts BPM into a table of note-durations in milliseconds and Hz. The program also displays a MIDI note #/name/Hz/ms conversion chart. Nothing mind blowing, works on Windows 7 - not sure about Vista (doesn't work on XP). Please let me know if doesn't work for you!

Free download, no installation necessary: L.MusiCalc.exe

Silent Sends of Dub


Ambient dub. A nice little break from all the techno for a moment. I've been working on a project consisting of mainly generative pieces, this is one of those. Hope you enjoy.

Silent Sends of Dub (.mp3)

New m4l devices

screenshot of max for live device

Another calculator (cycle in note / ms / herts), and a shaker drum synth. Cop em from the section.

*a little snippet of the shaker synth (you can grab the bass drum synth in this example from me too).

L.Sh example


Micro Delays


This little gadget calculates note lengths in both milliseconds and hertz. Just enter your BPM and select desired calculation. More interesting than this calculator, after-all - how interested can you be in a calculator, is what micro-delays can do for your production.

*of course, if you don't find the above interesting, you can always listen to some music!

microtonic (tool)


Lokua For Live

I am pleased to announce a new page here at dedicated to my custom Max For Live devices. Currently there is an advanced LFO, a unique Reverb, and an app dedicated to Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies. All devices are free and well documented; more are in the works. Click the image below to enter.

m4l device: oblique strategies


Lokua - Steroids

Out now on Don't Trust Humans
steroids cover

16 tracks of what my good friend Slowerson calls "No Compromise Techno". In honor of the techniques used to compose the album (100% original sound-design through synthesis and resampling - no samples whatsoever), I decided to include with the release a collection of over 150 Ableton Live Instruments and Effects (racks and presets) meticulously built and maintained over years. The main idea is to inspire others to more deeply explore building sounds from the ground up. At the very least you can take advantage of simply having fun with the synths, drums, effects ,etc. :) The album and Library are both "name your price" - which means free if you so choose. In any case feedback is appreciated.

Download the album, Live racks, and find a lot more quality music at Don't Trust Humans


Lokua - Underly [cpkay01]

My debut solo vinyl release out now on Chicago's own cpkay.